Blacklist for Facebook

Hide the posts you don't want to see—before you even see them.

Blacklist for Facebook allows you to pre-emptively hide posts with certain words in them. It's that easy.

Get it in the Chrome Web Store.

Blacklist is still (slowly) in development- if you run into any bugs, go ahead and email me at, or send me a tweet at @cubeghost.


When you install Blacklist, refresh Facebook- you'll find the options under the right-hand sidebar on the home page. Add the words you want to blacklist as a comma-separated list.

You can also choose to hide the Trending stories in your sidebar, only blacklist posts which also contain a "cw" or "tw"[1], or hide the blacklisted words from showing up in the "post hidden" notification.

Extensions for Safari and Firefox are coming soon.

1. These stand for "content warning" and "trigger warning", respectively. Some Facebook groups use these, but if your friends don't, don't worry about it.